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During the inception of mid-year in 2022, one of our major oil & gas sector client was facing a major server downtime where their IT head was continuously receiving the error message of “System Board voltage is outside of the range”. The Vendor which was managing their annual maintenance contract (AMC) was not able to detect the exact problem of the server and just because of the same reason the vendor had asked the IT head to replace or upgrade the existing server in order to get the issue resolved at the earliest.


The client reached out to Zaco Computers and explained the situation in detail. They also told us that their management is forcing them not to go ahead with the change of the server during the mid-year. We had arranged an engineer the very next day to their site, where he inspected the server & detected the exact issue. On the day of our engineer’s visit, we provided the solution by replacing system board and power supply backplane to ensure that the server went live again. Zaco even provided technical support and helped the client to save a huge sum of money, which would’ve been spent on changing & upgrading the entire existing server.

The client has benefitted from us in the following ways:

  • Our IT hardware solution saved time for replacing existing server as a replacement would have included time for procurement and data migration.
  • The client avoided risk of losing critical data by continuing with the existing server. In case of replacing the existing server, data migration to a new server would have led to risk of losing data.
  • Reduced downtime by providing a quick solution by our expert engineer.
  • Cost effective solution by changing existing two spare parts instead of the entire server.
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How were Zaco’s IT Solutions effective in saving the overall cost of the client?

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Our expert technical engineers (our strong pillars) diagnose and troubleshoot the exact issues faced by our major clientele globally & give the best possible phase-wise IT solutions to them in the correct way.

The availability of in-house stocks of spare parts, makes it possible for Zaco to deliver such resolutions within the promised time frame.

Zaco Team firmly believes in making a long-term business relation, just not end in a soul. We firmly believe in our principle that “Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.” We help our clientele by providing them economical IT solutions to complex real-life problems with our rich experience & expertise.

How did Zaco’s Technical Consultant help the client to find hard-to-find server parts?

Being in the business for more than two decades, Zaco has a complete backup of spare parts for those servers which are declared as End-Of-Life (EoL) by the OEM’s.

By putting ourselves in the customer’s place, makes our technical consultants resolve all the technical issues keeping prospect that “What if this would’ve happened to us?”. Our tech consultants have very rich experience and a strong network that can fulfill our client’s complex inventory requirements at any moment.

This was just one such incident that our client faced. There are many more events where Zaco’s Team has proved their vision of providing a complete resolution to such major organizations under one roof along within flexible service level agreements (SLAs), which in turn is a distinguishing factor or USP for Zaco as compared to other similar vendors.

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