The pharmaceutical client was recently facing an issue for expanding the storage capacity on their existing storage system. The firm had reached out to various vendors in the market for a solution including the system’s OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The OEM proposed to go for the latest storage system with higher capacity and migrate their vital data from their existing storage system to the corresponding new system with a very high cost associated for the given solution up to INR 35 Lakhs.

How was Zaco’s Storage Solution effective in saving the crucial data & overall cost without hampering client’s work?

Zaco’s Technical Team successfully provided a better IT storage solution for expanding their existing storage systems without replacing the current one. This was done by adding a storage expansion box with high-capacity hard drives to the existing storage system. Our tech team even provided installation services for the expansion box ensuring minimal downtime. Zaco’s Tech Team recommendations helped the pharma client avail the following benefits:

  • Data Migration was avoided which could’ve led to the loss of important data for the Pharmaceutical firm.
  • The overall cost for the solution was reduced by almost 77% as the complete solution was provided just for INR 8 Lakhs.

Not only this, the Zaco’s Tech Team even received the existing storage system’s AMC (annual maintenance contract) as the pharmaceutical firm was happy with our technical team’s work. The AMC is still continued even today after the storage was successfully expanded to their network with minimal downtime.

This is how our technical team’s rich experience & expertise successfully solved a complex problem for a leading pharmaceutical firm in India.