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Dell Servers Introduction | Dell PowerEdge Servers Online

Dell provides various products such as PowerVault, PowerConnect and PowerEdge server line. Dell used Itanium Intel processors in their earlier PowerEdge servers however from May 2006, Dell decided to utilize AMD Opteron processors. Dell’s PowerEdge server product line has several models which include Towers, Racks and Blades. According to contemporary naming convention T stands for Tower Servers, Rack Servers are designated by R and Blade Servers by M (Also widely recognized as modular). Different models of rack servers are available based on their heights which are expressed as rack units (U). Before the existence of this new naming convention Dell introduced Itanium-based servers, but they were only available as Racks. Dell PowerEdge tower servers are versatile moreover they show powerful performance. On the other hand, rack servers are the latest infrastructure that minimize IT and premises space challenges.


List of DELL Servers in India | Buy Quality Dell Servers Online in India

A wide range of Dell servers are available in India. In every model, there is a series of different products such as tower servers like T1420, T1425, T1430, T430, T440, T1600 and others. Currently, 1, 2 & 4 processor socket racks provide high core density. Dell rack servers like R240 1U and R350 1U come with 1 processor socket. 2 processor socket racks include R530 2U, R540 2U, R740 2U and so on. R910, R920 & R930 fall under the 4 processor socket rack series. R640 is the latest server configuration which comes with 2 rack units and 216 TB, 61TB, 122TB, 112TB internal server storage.Blade servers require an enclosure or chassis in which you can fit blades. An enclosure has a capacity of full 8 blades and 16 half blades. M1000e system is being used since the 10th generation. Prior to M1000e, other systems were used which do not support the latest server chassis systems. Following are a few series of Dell PowerEdge blade Servers:

  • Dell PowerEdge M605 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge M805 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge M905 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge M620 Server
  • Dell PowerEdge M820 Server


Why Buy Dell Servers from Zaco?

Following are the list of important pointers justifying why one should buy dell servers online from Zaco:

  • Quality Services and Customer Server Support

Zaco has a wide range of Dell servers with assuring qualities. All the models from the early systems to the latest advanced versions are available at the best prices. We are experts in those servers which are declared end of life by Dell and are not easily available in the market. Committed to providing you the best quality services and customer server support, our customer support executives are 24*7 available to help you with your queries.

  • Customize Your Own Dell Server at Zaco

We are dedicated to fulfilling your requirements with the most flexible services and a wide array of options to ensure you can customize your own dell servers at Zaco. Different applications and software to be executed require different types of dell server configurations and this has always been a deciding factor for our customers. They have the freedom to decide their own Dell PowerEdge server configuration which has given them peace of mind. Customer convenience is our topmost priority and they can buy dell servers from Zaco as per their business requirements.

  • Reliable Dell Server Upgrades

Don’t want to spend money on any latest server? We have a solution for you. In order to enhance the performance of your existing servers, we provide hardware upgrades including up-gradation of server storage and server memory along with installation services of dell servers. New dell server prices can be exorbitant and might cost one fortune however upgrading the existing dell servers has always been a fruitful option with regards to performance and cost. It extends the life span and accelerates the processing speed of your dell server at an affordable price.

  • The Fastest Server Delivery Service

Buy Dell server online and we get it delivered in 2 to 3 days in all metro cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Kolkata. For the rest of India, buy Dell PowerEdge servers online and get it delivered within 5 to 7 days. You can even request same-day server delivery to Zaco in case of an emergency while buying a Dell server online from us.

  • Dell Servers Reliability and Warranty

All the Dell server parts are tested at our in-house testing facility. You can purchase a Dell server without any hesitation as we provide a warranty of 1 to 5 years on refurbished Dell servers that are tested for their optimum performance. The test reports are made available to our customers at their request.

  • Quality Dell Server Support

We go the extra mile to fulfill our customer's needs. For the past 2 decades, our motto is to provide customers with the best quality products with zero hassles. Our services include expert consultancy by our IT mentors and performance assessment by our specialist technicians. Our Dell server service and support locations network is spread throughout India, enabling us to support your dell server anywhere in India.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What does a Dell Server do?

Dell Server offers a centralized location to store and arrange vital documents with a secure infrastructure that supports a wide range of contemporary workloads and goals.

  1. Why should I purchase Dell Server?

Dell servers are globally utilized as reliable, scalable and easy-to-use high-end machines that can be used for many purposes right from storing data to maintaining complex networks based on your requirements. You can purchase dell servers as per your business or home needs.

  1. How much does a Dell PowerEdge Server cost in India for a small business?

The basic Dell PowerEdge server for small businesses starts from around ₨.90,000 and goes up to ₨.6,50,000 depending on the model and configuration of the server.

  1. Does Microsoft use Dell Servers?

Yes, Dell collaborates with Microsoft to ensure consistent performance of their operating systems running on Dell PowerEdge servers.

  1. What does iDRAC stand for in Dell Server?

iDRAC stands for Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller. iDRAC is made for secure local and remote server management. With the help of iDRAC, IT administrators can deploy, update, and monitor PowerEdge servers anywhere, anytime.

  1. Do all Dell Servers contain iDRAC?

Nearly all of the existing and new Dell servers include the iDRAC option. Even though depending on the licensing level, IDRAC functions may vary based on the server model.

  1. What is BMC in Dell Server?

A baseboard management controller (BMC) is a specialized service processor that uses sensors to keep track of the physical health of a computer, network server, or other pieces of hardware while corresponding with the system administrator over a separate connection in Dell Server.