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we take pride in providing lightning-fast and top-notch customer support for all IT-related software and hardware issues. In addition to speedy resolution times, we also strive to provide the best-in-class hardware and software support in the industry. Our team is highly trained and experienced, and we stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends to ensure that we can solve any problem that our customers may face. Our goal is to provide peace of mind for our customers, knowing that they can rely on us to take care of any IT-related issue that they may encounter.

Hardware and Software Solutions IT Specialists from Zaco

IT Specialists Who Know The Hardware & Software Services Inside Out

With Zaco you can optimize your maintenance support for hardware, software and your relationships with multiple providers with a single contact person.

“We take care of all our customers’ problems, offer them a solution and support them with their IT-related problems with software and hardware support. Our goal is to provide the right solution at the right time and at the right price without compromising on quality and reliability service.

Established in 2000, we now offer the best IT hardware and software solutions for the business world. We strive to provide excellent service to our customers when they need it.

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Distributor of Data Center Equipment

Zaco is your only provider of hardware and software devices for data centers for all major IT brands. Zaco offers a wide range of servers, storage and networking products from HP, IBM, DELL, SUN, NetApp, EMC, CISCO and others. Whether new, used, hard-to-find or old hardware part – Zaco is an independent provider of high-quality and cost-effective hardware and software solutions across the globe.

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Overall Software Solution Provider

We are a solution provider that offers value-added services that comprehensively manage the requirements of the customer project from concept to installation through our software support. We offer our customers the right solution at the right time and at the right price, without compromising on quality and services.

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