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Last Updated: 27th June 2023

Refurbished IT hardware in the IT industry does not always mean used. It can be an open box product that was purchased and opened but returned before it was put to use. At Zaco, refurbished IT hardware and it’s parts or components are reliable and tested working which comes with a warranty.

Yes, it is completely safe to purchase refurbished IT server hardware. There are many myths and misconceptions regarding refurbished IT server hardware online but smart people always prefer to buy refurbished IT server hardware to save their infrastructure costs and overheads. At Zaco, we make sure that all the refurbished IT hardware are tested rigorously before packing and shipping, so that our customers can use the same hassle free as per their requirements.

Yes, you get a limited period warranty on every refurbished IT hardware that you procure from us. Also, we do have an option for a customized extended warranty plans on the IT hardware procurement for up to 3 to 5 years. For more details on how to buy extended warranty on our IT hardware products, do get in touch with one of our experts today.

Refurbished IT server hardware has many benefits and advantages which many people are not aware about. Apart from saving your hard earned money and overall IT infra costs, you can avail the same performance as you get from a new server altogether. Many people are not aware about the minimum server hardware required to run their applications smoothly. For more info on buying refurbished servers, kindly check out our article to know the benefits of purchasing a refurbished server today.

Yes, we deal in refurbished network hardware inclusive of Cisco refurbished hardware. You can even get in touch with us for generating reports for Cisco refurbished network hardware. We even deal in Cisco routersCisco switches & Cisco firewall as per your needs, we can even take a special request and arrange hard to find refurbished network hardware at a reasonable price.

Zaco provides best in class server maintenance and server support services including Dell, HPE & IBM server support. We even provide support on end of life IT hardware with the similar reliability and care which you expect from major OEMs like Dell & HPE globally. For more details on our IT maintenance services do visit our online section or contact us today.

Yes, we supply server and workstation spare parts too of major OEMs which are hard to find for your existing IT infrastructure. Kindly visit our server parts section to know more. You can also visit our Zaco Online Store to check out our servers and workstations.

Physical server upgrade involves either adding or replacing the correct server spare parts configuration which are compatible to the existing server to improvise on processing speed and execute tasks at a faster pace. Upgrading a physical server can be a daunting task. We at Zaco provide physical server upgrades as per your requirements. Our skilled & experienced engineers can help you provide the best upgrade solution possible either on site or remote.

Yes, we do supply storage server & NAS servers with custom configurations. We also offer dell storage server along with other OEMs storage servers for business with custom configurations. Do connect with our experts today to figure out which storage server is the best suited based on your requirements.

Upgrading your server ram or memory can be beneficial for your business in many aspects like getting faster throughputs, more processing power, reducing IT infra costs by utilizing the maximum server performance. Server RAMs play a crucial role in processing tasks and circulating the data from server hard drives to other components, hence understanding the importance of upgrading server memory is very crucial for your server. Zaco provides server ram upgrades up to max server memory suitable for your business. Do connect with us today for upgrading dell server memory, HP server ram or IBM server memory for your existing IT infrastructure today.

Yes, we do provide networking maintenance & support services inclusive of the best networking solutions for our customers. Our certified engineers can provide you the networking solutions for the most complex networks that your business network is formed upon. Call our experts today for the best server networking maintenance and support solutions by Zaco.

Yes, we do provide customized server rental services for your business. Zaco provides server on rent after understanding the need in detail from you. Our server rental cost depends on the types of server rented along with the corresponding timeframe for which you want the server on rent. Get in touch with us today for HP or DELL server rental inquiries and our experts will guide you for the best server rental solution based on your requirement.

We will make sure that you get a replacement after the IT hardware is delivered to us without any damages provided it is covered under warranty by Zaco. For more details, kindly visit our terms and conditions page today.

While there are many servers to choose from, one must always select the server brand based on their requirements. There are multiple brands available in the market to choose, but it is preferred to select a vendor with exceptional after sales service. Connect with our experts today to help you decide the right server as per your requirements.