Best Server Brands Options for your IT Business

The configuration of a server is essential to the development and growth of the business. Therefore, a suitable server must be selected and installed according to the business requirements. Considering brands before buying a server is very important as a good brand offers more services and is also reliable compared to any local brand. For instance, Server Maintenance and Server Support in India should be considered before buying. However, there are many good brands out there; Below are the top 5 server brands for the IT business: –

  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise HP servers are popular for the services they offer. HP is a globally recognized brand and consists of a variety of servers. Because of its extensive network, its services are readily available across the country and it has good sales value too.
  • Dell Dell servers deliver unmatched performance and stay away from the crowd as it is one of the pioneers in the IT infrastructure industry. Millions of companies around the world trust Dell servers for their reliability and consistency.
  • IBM If you are looking to buy a refurbished server, IBM is a household name and places consistency as a basic quality. Refurbished IBM Servers are available in India with selected vendors and could be a good option to consider. It’s reliable enough and performs great. They offer servers in the hybrid cloud area and in the Linux area. Some of the fastest and largest mainframe computers in the world use IBM servers because they can handle heavy loads.
  • Lenovo-Lenovo servers are known for growing the workload from small business to business. They offer the efficiency required to meet business-critical requirements, are flexible and deliver consistent performance.
  • Sun OracleOracle servers offer the best server infrastructure for running databases on-site and in private or public clouds. It has received an Energy Star certified environmentally conscious server and also offers advanced online fault diagnosis and fault isolation combined with hardware for added security.

One can check out these brands before buying a server as they are known for their quality. Refurbished servers are also available in India. The full specifications should be obtained from the supplier or dealer and you should ensure that they offer repair or replacement services and that the product offered by them is verified and genuine.