how zaco dodged challenges


The client’s existing network infrastructure was plagued by two key issues. Firstly, it lacked scalability, hindering the company’s ability to adapt to changing operational demands. Secondly, unmanaged switches resulted in frequent disruptions, impacting productivity and posing security risks. Seeking resolution, the client sought assistance from the OEM, but the proposed budget was far beyond their financial means.

Phase 1: Thorough Assessment

Zaco initiated the project by conducting an in-depth analysis of the client’s current network setup. By identifying pain points and understanding operational requirements, Zaco gained insights crucial to developing a tailored solution.

Phase 2: Scalable and Managed Solution Design

Recognizing the need for scalability and improved management, Zaco Computer crafted a comprehensive solution encompassing the following:

  1. Scalable Hardware Selection: Zaco team recommended modern, managed Cisco switches that could be easily scaled to accommodate future growth. These switches were selected based on the client’s operational needs and growth projections.

  2. Configuration and Management Implementation: To address the lack of management, Zaco devised a strategy to configure and manage the switches effectively. This included setting up remote monitoring, optimizing traffic flow and ensuring seamless integration with the client’s existing setup.

  3. Testing and Validation: The configured switches underwent meticulous testing to ensure they functioned optimally and aligned with the client’s requirements.

Phase 3: Seamless Transition and Future Expansion Readiness

After client approval, Zaco team executed a well-orchestrated migration plan. The focus was on minimizing disruptions while preparing the network for future expansion.

Zaco offers a phase-wise solution.
Goals Achieved by zaco


Zaco Computer’s approach yielded transformative results for the industrial manufacturer:

  1. Significant Cost Savings:

By opting for refurbished IT hardware and strategically configuring their network, the client managed to reduce costs by an impressive 70% compared to the OEM’s proposal.

  1. Enhanced Network Performance:

The integration of refurbished switches led to improved network performance, minimizing downtimes and boosting productivity across the manufacturing facility.

  1. Adherence to Budget:

Zaco’s solution allowed the client to modernize their network infrastructure without straining their financial resources.

  1. Timely Execution:

The project was completed within a reasonable timeline, ensuring that the manufacturing operations continued with minimal interruptions.


In a scenario where the client’s budget constraints clashed with the OEM’s proposal, Zaco Computer’s ingenious solution demonstrated their commitment to delivering value. By offering a budget-friendly option that addressed the client’s network challenges, Zaco showcased their expertise in providing tailored solutions that align with both operational needs and financial realities. The project not only led to improved network performance and operational efficiency but also emphasized the importance of flexibility and creativity in delivering cost-effective solutions to industrial manufacturers.