5 Things to Know About Server Support Services

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Server maintenance is a prerequisite if you want your networks to run smoothly and efficiently, to avoid any downtimes which might translate to losses for your business. Server support services are usually rendered by in-house IT professionals or third-party firms who specialize in particular brands like HP or Dell. Servers are expensive and without proper maintenance; you would end up spending a lot on replacing them. While there are many aspects to proper server maintenance, it also depends largely on the server type you have and the operating system it runs on. Servers are usually of three types namely blade servers, rack servers and tower servers. If you are looking to know about server or storage maintenance services, we have come up with a guide that will talk about 5 things you must know about server support services:

  • Backups: Taking backups at regular intervals is an essential part of server support services which protects your invaluable data in case of any inadvertent breakdowns or crashes. Also, you have to periodically test recoveries to make sure the backup data has not been corrupted. Also make sure that you have chosen the right backup location considering the partitions within your systems.
  • Disk usage and RAID alarms: To make sure that your servers are running at optimal speeds. Check for unnecessary data which piles up like logs, cookies. As a rule of thumb disk usage should not exceed more than 90% of the server capacity as it will greatly increase the chances of breakdowns. Also most servers operate on a RAID configuration so its important to monitor your raid alarms, as a single disk can make the whole server stop.
  • Application and OS update: Application and OS updates are also an important part of server support. It’s essential for you to periodically check for updates to your OS and all the applications you are running to keep your network up and running.
  • Physical maintenance: Physical maintenance of a server is also crucial in keeping them running smoothly. Servers can accumulate a lot of dust as they are bulky which makes them prone to overheating and subsequent malfunctions.
  • Hire professionals: Server maintenance is not a task for any run of the mill, average IT person and it takes in-depth knowledge and experience to manage the various variables which might affect its performance. It’s always a safe bet to hire third-party professionals or firms for IT server maintenance.

We have told you briefly about the top 5 things to know about server support services. Apart from these, there are various nuances to take care of when maintaining servers like proper usage of remote management tools, checking hardware errors, and checking for system security. If you have any further questions about servers or are looking for quality server support services, we at Zaco Computers would love to hear from you. Have a great day!

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