Refurbished Servers During the Pandemic Recession

The big pandemic in the world has caused a huge paradigm shift with respect to business, finance, and employment. Recession is currently hitting the world in various ways and IT equipment manufacturing and supply is no different.
The global pandemic has interrupted the manufacturing and supply chains of various enterprise servers and storage. This in turn has caused an unpredictable increase in the price of these types of equipment. The result is that IT businesses are struggling with tighter budgets and growing business challenges.

Forrester Research has forecasted the growth for the global tech market to fall from 5 percent in 2018 to 3 percent this year. The spending on consulting and systems integration services is also expected to increase by 3.2 percent. We understand that all this sounds a little negative in between the already troubling pandemic.
But we have a solution through which you can easily save big on enterprise server costs. You can do this with refurbished servers. If you are wondering why you should opt for refurbished servers during the pandemic servers, we are here to help you out.

Top Reasons for Getting Refurbished Servers Today:
Refurbished servers are a confusing term for many, but the use and the value it gives you is extraordinary. Refurbished servers are used servers but there is a major difference between refurbished servers and used servers. When we talk about refurbished servers, you get everything right in place from warranties to maintenance programs just like a new server. However, used servers come with no such benefits but still, you have to pay for it.
In case your business is struck by a pandemic recession, we recommend you to buy refurbished servers from us for the following reasons.

Refurbished Servers come with No Risk and Less Cost
You should buy refurbished servers and storage devices from authenticated and authorized vendors like Zaco Computers. At Zaco, all the refurbished products go through an extensive testing process that decides the quality of the servers that you buy from us. Although refurbished servers are going to save you money, you should still not compromise on the quality of the product. The refurbished servers you buy should be validated, tested, and updated for use. We store a huge inventory of DELL refurbished servers, certified HP refurbished servers & even IBM refurb servers along with the largest inventory of server spare parts in India today.

Best Customer Services and Server Solutions
Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any vendor selling IT infrastructure. The reason being, hardware devices are bound to face some or the other kind of an issue in the long run. If your vendor provides you with prompt customer support, the problems become easier to tackle. Zaco Computers have a prompt and experienced customer support team to make sure you get your issues resolved asap. Our certified team of engineers will provide you the best customer services even for end-of-life servers, for which the OEMs stop giving support after a certain period. Do check out our services page for the best possible IT Solutions that your business will benefit from today.

Installation Services Support
We all know that buying a device from one source and calling a whole other team to get it installed is a big task. Paying extra for the server installation is another problem for calling another expert. In between all the pandemic recession, it would be a relief to have your vendor do everything at the cost of one. In case you agree with us, you should contact us for your next refurbished server query to get the right quote that is easy on pockets along with hassle-free server installation.

Expert Engineering Team Support
Installing or maintaining such huge servers is a sensitive task, and anything going wrong in the way might cause issues for both the vendor and the buyer. Therefore, we have a full-fledged expert team of certified engineers who know their stuff inside out. This helps in finishing the task efficiently and effortlessly reducing your headache and increasing trust. You should contact us if you feel value for money is important and the experts can help you set up the infrastructure well.

We all know that the pandemic recession is going to take time to go and in between your IT infrastructure needs might still keep increasing along with server maintenance and storage maintenance. Rather than going for cheap or used options, Zaco recommends you to get refurbished servers to make sure you don’t feel the pinch and still get the value for what you spend. Awaiting for someone to help you out? Get in touch with us today and we can get you some amazing solutions for your business requirements that will help you save your precious resources and time.