Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing Your Server

There are too many options for various technology systems and supports that enable businesses to thrive with complex digitized systems. These systems even provide simplified data storage solutions and record tracking.

Factors like the port count, server maintenance, and capacity or the memory capacity can sometimes not match the expectations of the business. Hence below are the five main factors to consider before choosing the correct server for your business:

Purpose of Server Along With Server Configuration

It is prudent to plan out the number of applications and processes that the server will support. If the wrong capacity refurbished HP servers are selected, it is possible that these servers will not support all the applications. This will result in unwarranted delays, or worse yet, downtime, which kills productivity and crucial time for the businesses. The more the number of applications that will run on the server, the greater will be the server memory capacities and high-end server processors. Hence it is important to select a server configuration based on your requirement. Do ask yourself these questions before purchasing a server:

  • What purpose am I taking the server for?
  • Which server motherboard should I go for?
  • Which server processors support the selected server motherboard? How many processor cores do I require?
  • My applications support on which servers?
  • Is the server memory sufficient or what should be my required server configuration?
  • Does the required server model support the operating system that I’m comfortable with?
  • Do I require extra server hard drives for my RAID configurations in case of failure?
  • How many server drives does my server support?
  • Do I require any additional server parts?
  • Which server power supply should I go for based on my final server configuration?
  • Will I get the corresponding server support from the vendor in case of emergencies?

Once you have these answers, you can go ahead and select the type of server along with the number of servers required. If you feel stuck somewhere or don’t understand the jargon, you can take a quick call with our qualified engineers and they will provide you the best possible server solution.

Choose the Appropriate Quantity and Type of Servers Required

Each application supports a specific server processor and speed requirements for optimal performance. Therefore, if the server processor type is incorrect, the system may show signs of lag and may generally run slowly because it is not running at the correct speed. Choose a balanced server that ensures that there are no bottlenecks. Servers with sufficient capacity are essential to get the best performance. The type of server must be chosen according to the business requirement.

The Availability of Server Support & Technical Assistance

This ensures that in the event of a server crash and other issues, you have the right technical support on board. Server downtimes can be fatal and hinder work drastically. Hence, it is important that you trust a company that can provide you 24*7 support and a team that must have the necessary experience and knowledge that is necessary to fix problems. Zaco’s certified team of engineers have valuable experience and you can rest assured that you get the solution to the problem as quickly as possible without hampering data or current ongoing operations. Server support and maintenance are vital and should be in place in case of an emergency.

Server Memory Capacity Requirement

For a successful business, it is advisable to install a large capacity server the first time. This is because servers are costly and complicated to disassemble and then reinstall. This includes downtime and consumes company productivity. Also, you should have more server memory so that the operations are carried out smoothly. You can upgrade your server memory in the future to ensure smooth work is carried out on the increasing workload.

Power Consumption and Energy Efficiency

The market has various energy-efficient servers. The search for the most suitable server machine depends mainly on the energy consumption of the installed component. This means that each component must be tested for its energy consumption to ensure that it is a sound investment with comprehensive energy efficiency for the entire system. The server room must be cool to ensure there is no overheating issue as servers do generate a good amount of heat. It is advisable to keep the server surroundings cool to avoid any major breakdown issues.

Hence, these five factors should be considered before purchasing new or refurbished servers in India. One should even be aware of the company’s investment in this crucial IT equipment that will form the backbone of any company’s IT department.