Why One Should Buy Refurbished Servers for Business Growth?

Why One Should Buy Refurbished Servers for Business Growth? Blog Image

Contemplating getting refurbished IT servers? Here are all the things that you should know before buying a refurbished one rather than getting a new one: –

  • It offers reliability. Although it is not true for all refurbished servers however getting one from a reliable source or a reputed vendor will help you see that a refurbished one works just as well as a new server. If you get a refurbished server that is a grade A product, then it means that it will easily work just like any new server. It is not necessary that just because it is not newly bought it will not function properly, rather it will work just as well if not better.
  • This brings us to the second benefit. In addition to being reliable, it will also greatly affect the cost aspect, saving you a lot of money. Getting a refurbished rack server, tower server or a blade server will roughly cost you about 50% or less than the original cost. For start-ups and small companies getting refurbished servers from an IT wholesaler will save them a lot of money. This is why it is not only beneficial as it offers the same functions as a new server would but is also cost-efficient.
  • It also necessitates availing professional server support services. If you think that buying refurbished servers would mean that you would miss out largely on support, then it is not true. In fact, this is where third-party maintenance comes into play. It is also cheaper than the mainstream support from hardware manufacturers which is also another added benefit saving you money on support as well. You may think that you can get extremely good support and IT server maintenance for new equipment’s but sometimes even if that’s the case, the support provided by third-party maintenance is better for the refurbished equipment.
  • You may also be thinking about the added benefits of energy savings provided by new equipment. However, every generation does not offer or provide a very big scale of improvement with regards to that. Therefore, in comparison, the savings that you can make regarding the money is much more beneficial than the slight tweak of improvement in the new equipment.

To sum it up, getting new equipment just because it is the latest addition does not also prove to be beneficial. A refurbished  HP Server will do you just as good of a service in addition to being cost-effective. Make sure that you get your refurbished servers in India from reliable vendors only.

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