Refurbished vs Used Servers – Difference That One Must Know

Are you looking forward to purchasing a new server on a budget? The chances are that you will come across the option of choosing between refurbished and used servers. The question is that whether you are opting for the refurbished or used servers out there. There are striking points of difference between these two kinds of servers. Let’s get to understand them deeper.

What are Refurbished Servers?

It is known that obsolete servers in India have a certain definition: A refurbished server is defined as one that has been previously used. Later, the refurbished server will be returned to its original operating state for best results. Defined as obsolete, the diagnostic tests must be passed. But in reality, refurbished servers are servers that are tested thoroughly for reliability, have a great working condition, and come with a limited or a full-time warranty by the vendor. They can even be completely unused too, just like an unused open box product.

When you are using refurbished HP servers or others like refurbished Dell servers, it is usually considered free of potential risks. This is because you are using this server with the help of a reliable service provider or dealer. Whether these servers are restored by the manufacturer or by some reliable refurbished dealer, most of these are available with warranty options ranging from 1 year to 5 years.

What are Used Servers?

A used server or a used computer server has been fully used and then sold to some potential buyers, which means that the overall quality, as well as the longevity of the servers used, will be questionable. When it comes to reliability and testing of used servers, users are expected to only rely on the word of the previous user or seller, without any proof.

Used servers mostly imply that the given system is still functional to be used more. However, these servers may still show signs of cosmetic damage or some other type of defect.

Now that you’re completely aware of what a refurbished server is and how a used server is defined, let’s dive into the differences between the two in detail.

Differences Between Refurbished & Used Servers

In typical cases, a refurbished server is expected to cost more compared to used servers. However, both servers cost lower than the newer variants.

If you are using a used server, you can also get a better deal by buying the same. This applies in the event that the person selling the server or the owner of the server has reset the server to its original factory settings. It’s also important to make sure that the previous user takes good care of the server.

Refurbished servers are known to be extremely reliable compared to the variants used. These servers go under rigorous testing and are come along with a warranty period based on the test results. However, one needs to be aware of the refurbished server when buying it online or from a new service provider.

Refurbished servers are also known to provide guaranteed performance as compared to the used servers. In addition, there is a guaranteed authenticity for outdated variants. Used servers have a certain level of security that you can get for services. The used server does not come with a guarantee too. We at Zaco make the most of the reliable servers by offering professional services for top-class IT server maintenance. Do get in touch with us today or visit us to know more about the advantages of refurbished servers for global business usage. Our experienced team will be happy to assist you with any queries and provide you the best IT solutions based on your business requirement.