Are you looking forward to buying a new server on a budget? The chances are that you will come across the option of choosing between refurbished and used servers. The question is that whether you are opting for the refurbished or used servers out there. There are striking points of differences between these two kinds of servers.


Refurbished Servers
Refurbished servers in India is known to impart a specific definition. A refurbished server is defined as the one which has been used previously. Later on, the refurbished server is restored to the original condition of operation for optimal results. Once a computer or server is defined as refurbished, it is required to pass the diagnostic tests.
When you are using refurbished HP servers or others like refurbished Dell servers, it is usually considered free of potential risks. This is because you are using this server with the help of a reliable service provider or dealer. Whether these servers are restored by the manufacturer or by some reliable refurbished dealer, most of these are available with warranty options from 1 year to 5 years.


Used Servers
A used server or computer system is the one that has been used completely and is then sold out to some potential buyers. This implies that the overall quality, as well as the longevity of the used servers, are going to be questionable. Without any warranty or testing to back up the used servers, the users are simply expected to rely on the word of the user or seller of the server.

Used servers mostly imply that the given system is still functional to be used further. However, these servers can still denote signs of aesthetic damages or some other kind of defects.


Differences Between Refurbished & Used Servers
In typical cases, a refurbished server is expected to cost more in comparison to the used servers. However, both these servers are going to be cheaper in comparison to the new variants out there.

When you are using a used server, you might as well get a better deal upon purchasing the same. This stands true in the case when the person selling the server or owner of the server has restored the same to its original factory settings. It is also important to ensure that the server is well cared for by the previous user.

Refurbished servers are known to be highly reliable in comparison to the used variants. However, it is important to take note especially when you are buying them online or from a new service provider.

Refurbished servers are known to provide guaranteed performance. Moreover, there is the assurance of guaranteed authenticity in the case of refurbished variants. With the used servers, there is a little assurance of what you might get for the services. A used server might or might not come with a warranty. Make the most of the reliable servers from the professional service providers for top-class IT server maintenance.