Why Dell Server Hard Drives Might Be Worth The Cost

Hard drives assume a whole new level of significance when it comes to operating them with servers, and manufacturers now offer specialty server hard drives for server performance as opposed to the standard hard drives that are retailed across hardware stores in the world. Server hard drives are built to handle more load than standard hard drives that are available in the market. Dell is a particularly popular brand for servers and Dell server hard drives are not easily available with retailers across the country. It’s normal for first-time server users to sit on the fence when deciding what server hard drives to buy. At Zaco Computers, we have poured our experience of decades in selling and servicing server hard drives. In this article, we will tell you why you should opt for server specialty hard drives and why dell server hard drives might be more than worth their cost.

  • Failure rates: Compared to standard hard drives, server drives are designed for multiple tasks and high loads. Dell server hard drives certainly offer a longer lifespan than standard hard drives because they are designed to run continuously and provide optimal performance every time your server is turned on. At Zaco, we work with a wide variety of Dell server drives for all types, including the latest generation of Dell servers.
  • Warranty: Dell Enterprise Server Drives have an extended warranty period which standard hard drives do not. This alone makes them worthwhile because of the security they offer. At Zaco, we are authorized resellers of Dell server hard drives that have full warranty certification, so you don’t have to worry about buying expensive new server drives in the event of a failure. We even have a huge inventory for Dell server parts, IBM server parts & HP server parts as per your server requirements.
  • Better specs: By specifications we mean almost everything. Dell Enterprise server drives have a larger cache, faster spin speed, and more capacity than normal desktop drives.
  • Time-limited recovery error: Developed by Western Digital, this feature is now a standard feature on corporate hard drives, including Dell. If you have sensitive data and want to minimize the risk of data corruption, it is important to choose corporate server hard drives from reputable brands like Dell.
  • Heat management: In contrast to standard hard drives, corporate server drives have built-in cooling mechanisms, while high-end server drives can contain state-of-the-art technologies such as liquid coolants to minimize thermal pressure in their systems.

We briefly talked about why you should choose Dell server hard drives, even if they are a little more expensive than standard desktop hard drives. Special server functions and better data recovery functions in combination with extended warranty periods make it really worthwhile. If you have additional questions about Dell Enterprise Hard Drives, do call or email us anytime. We hope this article has been informative for you & will help you select the best dell server drives for your business.