Why Dell Server Hard Drives Might Be Worth The Cost

Why Dell Server Hard Drives Might Be Worth The Cost Blog Image

Hard drives assume a whole new level of significance when it comes to operating them with servers, and manufacturers now offer specialty hard drives for server performance as opposed to the standard hard drives that are retailed across hardware stores in the world. Server hard drives are built to handle more load than standard hard drives that are available in the market. Dell is a particularly popular brand for servers and Dell server hard drives are not easily available with retailers across the country. It’s normal for first-time server users to sit on the fence when deciding what hard drives to buy. At Zaco Computer, we have poured our experience of decades in selling and servicing server hard drives, into this article that will tell you why you should opt for server specialty hard drives and why dell server hard drives might be more than worth its cost.

  • Failure rates: Server hard drives are built to handle multiple tasks and heavy loads as compared to standard hard drives. Server hard drives by Dell are sure to give you extended longevity over standard ones, simply because they are manufactured to run continuously and give optimum performance every time you fire up your server. At Zaco Computer we deal in a comprehensive range of Dell server hard drives, for all types including the latest generation of servers.
  • Warranty: Dell enterprise hard drives for servers come with an extended warranty period, which standard hard drives do not have. This alone makes them worth it due to the peace of mind they offer. At Zaco Computer we are authorized resellers of Dell hard drives, which come with complete warranty certification, so that you don’t have to worry about buying expensive new drives in case of failure.
  • Better specs: By specs we mean just about everything. Dell enterprise hard disks have larger cache memory, more rotation speed and more capacity than desktop hard drives.
  • Time limited recovery error: This feature developed by Western Digital is now a standard feature of enterprise hard drives, including Dell ones. If you have sensitive data and want to minimize risk of data corruption, it’s essential you go for enterprise hard disks by reputed brands like Dell.
  • Heat management: Enterprise hard disks have in built cooling mechanisms as opposed to standard hard disks. High end premium ones can incorporate cutting edge techniques like liquid coolants to minimize thermal pressure on your systems.

We have talked briefly about why you should opt for Dell server hard drives, even if they are slightly more expensive than standard desktop hard drives. Specialty features for servers and better chances of data recovery combined with extended warranty periods make them truly worth it. If you have any further questions regarding Dell enterprise hard disks, don’t hesitate to call us or drop an email. We hope this blog has been informative for you.

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