5 Steps to Stress-Free Maintenance of HP Server

The modern-day servers that are prevalent in computer hardware stores around the world are very different from the ones that served us 5 to 10 years ago. Hewlett Packard (HP) has established itself as a global giant when it comes to servers. It has also spawned a number of third-party enterprises that are solely dedicated to HP server maintenance. Today HP offers servers of all kinds inclusive of HP Rack Servers, HP Tower Servers, and HP Blade Servers for large companies and microservers for small companies. If you use an HP Server as the backbone of your IT infrastructure, keep reading for knowing the 5 best steps to ensure hassle-free  IT server maintenance:

  • Security: Security breaches are perhaps the single most important problem facing the IT world today. Servers are repositories for large amounts of data, much of which can be classified and kept confidential. It is extremely important that you base your server security strategy on maintenance. They are difficult to use and can cost a lot of time and money. The only way to avoid this situation is through highly efficient security measures that are constantly updated. At Zaco Computers we design customized security strategies for our clients who use HP servers and through years of hard work and dedication, we have managed to retain the faith of the biggest companies in India when it comes to their sensitive company data.
  • Optimize Workloads: Too often we find that IT technicians, despite having multiple servers, struggle to optimize the workload equally on all servers in order not to revise or revise just one server in the network in your company. Upgrading server memory or existing server spares including server hard disk, server motherboard, or server power supply, you can reduce downtime and ensure that a server gives you the maximum service life with great performance.
  • Training: In technology, keeping up to date with the latest IT trends in the industry is a must. Hundreds of new technologies are introduced every day, completely replacing the old ones. The key is to be at the forefront and to train your employees regularly on how to handle everything and teaching them how to stay updated on the latest IT industry solutions and services. At Zaco, all of our employees including certified engineers have to undergo extensive training on a regular basis in order to become familiar with the latest technological advances.
  • Physical Maintenance: Physical server maintenance can be a critical factor that is often overlooked. Servers cannot be operated optimally in the vicinity of dust and dirt. It is also important that you regularly check the cabling of your slots and install appropriate circuit breakers to handle voltage fluctuations. Although HP servers have built-in protections against voltage and current fluctuations, it is always better to add more layers of that security. Server support services ensure that there is minimal downtime and your data is secure at all stages. Server maintenance ensures that the server is up to date and secure from the external and internal networks, prevents downtime which can cause serious loss for the business.
  • Third-Party Maintenance: The idea of ​​spending money on someone else to maintain the servers is not a particularly pleasant one. However, some of the largest companies in the world rely on third parties to maintain their HP servers. You can customize the professional maintenance that a third-party provider provides to you. We at Zaco specialize in proving the best third-party maintenance solutions and services for IT Hardware to our clients so that they are secure and have the maximum uptime possible.

Hence, we have briefly explained the five important steps required to maintain not only HP servers but any server in general above. At Zaco, our technicians have extensive experience in handling all types of HP servers and the corresponding HP Server Maintenance, partly due to their popularity in the Indian market.