5 Steps to Stress-Free Maintenance of HP Server

5 Steps to Stress-Free Maintenance of HP Server Blog Image

The modern servers that are a predominant feature of computer hardware stores worldwide are a very different beast from the ones that served us, as little as 5-10 years ago. Hewlett Packard has established itself as a global giant when it comes to servers. It has also spawned a number of third-party enterprises that are solely dedicated to HP server maintenance. Today HP offers servers of all kinds like a rack, blade, and tower servers for large enterprises as well as micro-servers for smaller ones. If you use an HP server as the backbone of your IT infrastructure, keep reading for 5 best steps to ensure hassle-free  IT server maintenance:

  • Security: Security breaches are perhaps the most prominent contemporary problem which is facing IT today. Servers are reservoirs of vast amounts of data, much of which can be sensitive and classified. It is extremely important that you align your server security strategy with its maintenance. Security breaches are painstaking to deal with and can cost a large number of man-hours and money. The only way to avoid this situation is put in highly efficient security measures that are constantly updated. At Zaco Computers we design customized security strategies for our clients who use HP servers and through years of hard work and dedication, we have managed to retain the faith of the biggest companies in India when it comes to their sensitive, company data.
  • Optimize Workloads: Too often, we see that despite having multiple servers, IT guys struggle to optimize the workload equally on all their servers, so as to not overwork or underwork a single one. Train your IT guys in finding a balance between the multiple servers that you use in your enterprise. This is another way you can reduce breakdowns and glitches and ensure that a server gives you its maximum life.
  • Training : In technology unlearning is as important as learning. There are hundreds of new technologies introduced everyday which end up replacing and completely supplanting older ones. They key is to be ahead of the game and training your staff regularly, on handling all types of servers and the tech that accompanies them. At Zaco Computers, all our employees are mandatorily required to undergo extensive training periodically to familiarize themselves of tech advancements and keep ahead of the curve.
  • Physical Maintenance: Physical maintenance of servers can be a crucial factor which is often overlooked. Servers cannot operate at optimum levels around dust and dirt. It is also important for you to periodically check the wiring of your power slots and install proper circuit breakers to handle voltage fluctuations. Although HP servers have inbuilt protection mechanisms against voltage and electricity fluctuations, it is always better to add more layers to this security.
  • Third Party Maintenance: The thought of spending money on a third party for maintenance of servers, is not one which is particularly pleasing. However, some of the biggest companies in the world, place their faith on third parties for maintaining their HP servers. Nothing that you will do on your own, can ever match the professional maintenance that a third party could provide.

We have told you in brief about 5 steps necessary for maintaining HP servers. At Zaco Computers, our technicians have vast experience in handling all kinds of HP servers, partly due to their popularity in the Indian market.

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